Don’t take out the TCP

This is a blog I posted on Blogger but I don’t use that one any more so I am re-posting them on here.

Aretha Franklin sang about it but we as a humans are failing to do it.  What am I talking about?


I have noticed as I have grown up and gotten older, people have forgotten this aspect of being a person.  Nobody seems to respect anyone anymore.  Already on this Jan 1 2013 I have heard of 2-3 shootings and a hit and run and all the victims have died.  Why?  Because nobody shows any respect for anyone anymore.

It seems that everyone thinks of the easy way out either killing someone because you didn’t like the way they looked at you or just plain ignoring them because you don’t want to get involved.

Listen folks, its times to take a stand and be respectful to one another again.  I understand you are not going to agree on every viewpoint that is out there but use your brain and think before you speak or take action against someone.

The house and senate are a prime example of showing lack of respect.  Remember all the republicans that keeps saying Hilary Clinton was pulling a Ferris Bueller, well I hope y’all are feeling pretty bad right about now but because of your lack of respect, I very much doubt it.  You are supposed to be making an example of yourselves but instead act like a bunch of baboons.  Even Baboons show respect to one another.

We all need to stand up and be respectful to one another, remember treat others how you want to be treated.  Do you really want to be shouted at and called an idiot all the time like you do to others?

To me being disrespectful should be outlawed.  Where are they guys helping ladies?  Yes, Yes I know that women want to be independent but sometimes we love to see a guy open a door for us once in a while.

Just like a Random Act of Kindness, we should also be doing Random Acts of Respect.

Respect others and let’s have a respectful 2013.


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I write about what gets me passionate. Could be happy, sad, controversial, whatever it is, it comes from the heart...
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