Days of Power

Imagine having to live your life in a small cage with 3 or 4 others.  Imagine having to eat, sleep, drink, pee, and poop in this same small space.  Imagine having to give birth in this small space and keep giving birth until your body can no longer produce and then imagine being killed in an inhumane way or worse just be left to die.  This is what is happening to these dogs.

Puppy mills are legal and have to be stopped.

For those who don’t know puppy mills are dog farms, a way to breed dogs for profit disregarding the health and welfare of the dogs.

If humans were made to live in these conditions there would be a universal out cry, so why do these poor animals have to live this way?

Would you buy a dog from a pet store knowing the dogs mother may look like this?

puppy mill

Female dogs are forcefully bred as soon as they are of breeding age until they can no longer breed and are then killed.

Animals don’t have a voice, we are their voice.  We need to stop this inhumane practice.

This film is to promote awareness of puppy mills and to show the uninitiated the cruel and inhumane conditions the animals are put through just to make a buck.

Help us make this movie, to draw attention to the puppy mills please donate and help stop this inhumane practice.

Please click the widget on the right side to donate to the movie and let’s make a stand and stop puppy mills.

About Nicci Hartland

I write about what gets me passionate. Could be happy, sad, controversial, whatever it is, it comes from the heart...
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