Bad Reviews

I am a member of several different writing groups and it seems today the main topic of discussion is bad reviews.  On several of the groups published authors are upset that they received a bad review and are taking it personally well I say this:


 Not everyone is going to like everything you write; even the best and most popular authors get bad reviews.  Do you think they go slinking to a corner crying every time they get a bad review?  No they shrug it off and write more.

When you publish a book you have to realize not everyone is going to like your stuff and you will get bad reviews.  I expect when I do publish my stuff I will and hope to get a bad review or two I don’t expect to get glowing 5-star reviews for everything I write.

It’s the same when you get rejected by a publisher, just move onto another and try again.   Do you know how many publishers rejected JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series?  12 and now you think they are kicking themselves in the rear?  Did JK Rowling go crying away saying she is the worst writer ever?  No she went to the next publisher and the next until someone said yes.  Take a look at some of the reviews on Goodreads.  There are a few       1-star reviews on there.  Do you think she is upset that a handful of people that didn’t like the book?  No she just went ahead and wrote the next six books and then some.

So to you new writers out there don’t worry if you get a bad review don’t take it personally.  Like in life not everyone is going to like what you do and if you don’t like to get rejected or criticized you are in the wrong business.

Rant over… everyone can go back to their normal lives.

About Nicci Hartland

I write about what gets me passionate. Could be happy, sad, controversial, whatever it is, it comes from the heart...
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1 Response to Bad Reviews

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    True… you cant entertain or please everyone.

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