Review “Souls Set Free – By Kimmie Easley”


I received an ARC from the author for review.

Rarely do I find a book that makes me want to read it in one sitting.  This is one of those gems.

Emma Carter had a loving and supporting husband, two gorgeous girls and a great house by the sea, but her past was still tormenting her.  After the death of her mother, she takes a harrowing journey back to her childhood and relives some of the memories of her past.

I traveled with Emma Carter on her emotional journey through her harrowing childhood memories.  You could feel her emotions jump out of the page at you while you were reading.  Sometimes, you need something big in your life to awaken you from your slumber and encourage you to live your life again.  Emma needed the death of her mother to be able to get the spark she needed in order to become alive again and be the mother and wife she really wanted to be.

The writing was very haunting and you could be in the same place watching or even feeling what was happening.  Emma’s character is very believable trying the break the chain of alcoholism and drug abuse but in order to do that she has to travel back to her childhood and confront the demons but what she finds instead is an insight into her mother’s memories and childhood.

The story is very compelling and a must read for all.

Just before I read this book, I stumbled upon this quote from Brigitte Nicole that pretty much sums up Emma “One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever have to make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.”  Emma was courageous in seeing that she needed to give up her torment in order to survive and live not many people can do that.

I can’t wait to read more from Kimmie.

5 Stars


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