A Note to the Ignorant

After seeing all the horrible racist and ignorant tweets about the New Miss America, I feel that I have to say something to the Americans who are just plain nasty and ignorant.

1)      Go back to school and re-take geography, India is not in the Middle East, therefore Nina Davuluri is not an Arab she is Indian!

2)      Go back to school and learn civics, she was born in the USA and therefore is an American!

Just because she is not white doesn’t give you the right to be racist, what if in India a Caucasian won Miss India would you say the same thing?

You people make me sad and embarrassed to be part of the human race.  Put yourself in her shoes would you like to be treated the way you are treating her?  I bet not.

I feel sad for all you people out there that are ignorant and don’t know how to embrace diversity and live with others.  I just can’t believe in this day and age there are still people out there that hate just because of the color of someone’s skin.

I personally am happy that the judges did go for diversity and not the typical gun toting, red neck, stupid American (that to you ignorant people out there is how you are perceived by other countries.) Oh and I forgot fat, loud…

Just take a look at some of these ignorant tweets.  Yes I understand the rights to free speech but when it is ignorant and racist it makes me so sad that you can’t look beyond the color of someone’s skin.

Miss America

Racism should be outlawed, racism should be banned you are no better than a playground bully.  Get over yourselves people and grow up!!!!!!!!!!


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I write about what gets me passionate. Could be happy, sad, controversial, whatever it is, it comes from the heart...
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One Response to A Note to the Ignorant

  1. That’s for sure! So sick of ignorant people making the rest of us look stupid and racist by association!

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