*****Due to lack of participation, I only had a few nominations I won’t be doing it.  I will try again next year.******

Work in Progress is going to begin giving out awards for book covers.  I believe a book cover should be as good as the writing inside.

There will be 10 categories to begin with, depending on the popularity of the awards will depend on if more are added to break them up a bit.  The categories are as follows:

Mystery and Thriller

Historical Fiction


Paranormal Fantasy

Science Fiction





Young Adult

You can submit for yourself or anyone you think has an awesome cover worthy of an award.  Submissions are due by November 30th at 5pm Eastern Time.  The vote will then be up until December 31st 5pm Eastern Time.  Any book that has been or is going to be published in 2013 is eligible.

Please use the form below and you can either email me the cover or send a link and I will add it to the list of nominations which will be voted upon by all you awesome people out there.


About Nicci Hartland

I write about what gets me passionate. Could be happy, sad, controversial, whatever it is, it comes from the heart...
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